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What is the Sun Token?

The Sun Token was a functional art project by Hector Campos founded in 2016, I took a "high-atus" from selling these pipes in 2021 to focus on future life projects and my growing family. They are now a rare collector's item, and you may find one in many parts of the globe. If you or a team you know think you can carry the torch and start these up again, contact me :)

     The Sun Token is a U.S.A. crafted pipe capable of unique solar dome smoking. This modular system fits standard glass attachments, allowing water filtration, concentrate use, and more. Using the glass dome and lens is a fun, flavorful, efficient, wind-proof, and ecological way to enjoy dry herbs with zero waste. With the dome detached, it functions as a traditional pipe. The base is cherry hardwood, used in pipe making throughout history. It's protected with a 100% pure tung oil finish. The borosilicate parts are durable and easily replaceable. Everything disassembles for cleaning. This is rugged, sustainable, functional art. It commands a showcase, or the bottom of your backpack. 

     Think outside the bowl, smoke with star powered hits that span the solar system!


     Sunlight travels 150 million kilometers to reach you! When you align sun rays over the bowl with a lens, smoke will dance around the dome. Many pipes can be used for solar smoking, but a solar dome evolves the experience in several ways.

  • It's easy and fun to angle the solar beam by yourself. You don't have to hold the pipe to your face simultaneously. Small patches of sunlight through trees can be used. Even low sun like winter, sunrise, and sunset can be used to build a zero waste smoke.

  • There's no loss of vapor in a solar dome. Build a solar hit outside and bring it in to your loved ones! It's wind-proof, good for smoking outdoors.

  • There's no need to start an active ember. With a light beam, you can aim and slowly smoke without smoldering the bowl. This means efficient, low temperature smoking versus a large "cherry" fueled by rushing oxygen and a lighter.

     The burn starts immediately once the light is focused. Tasty inhales can be achieved in 3 seconds, or built up thick and milky for 10 to 30+ seconds. Heat through a lens can be lower than a butane lighter by more than 2,000+ degrees Fahrenheit (1093 C, 1366 K) leading to a unique, flavorful experience. It's fun to do, beautiful to watch, wind-proof, efficient, and ecological (cutting down on butane lighter waste). This is the only product of its kind. We ship world wide, and shipping in the USA if free!


the sun token - World's First solar dome pipe

a modular system ready to customize - Now a rare treasure


Patent Pending

    Questions & Answers:


     What if the sun is not out? The Sun Token functions as a traditional pipe without the dome. It is designed as an optimum hand pipe, the internal holes are drilled wide to allow generous airflow and cannot get clogged. The borosilicate mouthpiece is a good length allowing a clear visual of the smooth, cooled smoke. The bowl is not too close to your face, so you can see it clearly and avoid bringing flames close to your nose, mouth, and eyes. It also takes water filters, vape parts, and concentrate accessories.

     Why should I try this hippie crap? Many cutting edge products shave seconds from the smoking experience. Solar smoking is about enjoying every moment of the smoking ritual and savoring the process. This unique way of smoking is tied to nature, creating a remarkable experience. Being conscious of the sun while smoking is an ancient ritual that will hopefully find new fans all over the world. And it's just really fun to play with starlight.

     Sustainable? Zero Waste? What? High tech vaporizers will one day succumb to a lifeless battery, requiring repair or replacement within one lifetime. Other smoking methods can consume lighters, butane cans, or non refillable vape cartridges at a high rate. If you have a good lens, combined with a sturdy pipe, you have a smoking tool that will work forever, with zero waste. As a business we also strive to be as sustainable as possible, for example, we use plastic free packaging!

     Does it vape? There is a world of 14mm accessories the Sun Token platform can use, many of them are vaporizer technologies, and you can even use concentrates. A hit using the solar dome can be a hybrid of both vaporization and combustion but is still "smoking". It usually does not vaporize alone without some added combustion unless you practice a very patient lens technique. Solar smoking can be a unique experience in a twilight realm between traditional smoking and vaping. The average butane lighter burns at roughly 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit (1970 C, 2243 K). Without careful lighting technique, this obliterates some of the material's complex taste and components before it gets to you. Solar light focused through a handheld lens can be less hot, heating closer to the vaporization spectrum- roughly 420 degrees Fahrenheit (215 C, 488 K). The material first releases vapor through phase change, and then will combust as the light's focus is maintained. Solar power means no added byproducts in your smoke.

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 Enjoy your trip around the sun!

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