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Crowdfunding Policy

Most purchases in crowdfunding events are not refundable. Our event is an exception, and we care about your investment.


For supporters who order the last remaining inventory of Original Sun Tokens: The same cancellation, warranty, and refund policies that apply to all Sun Token sales apply to this event.


For supporters who pre-ordered the V2: In the unlikely event that Sun Token V2 customers do not get their pipe shipped by 8 months after their pre-order, they will automatically be contacted regarding a refund. We are planning for all V2 pipes to be delivered to customers BEFORE October-November 2019. Some Sun Token V2 parts are here already, others are being made. The funding we get through this event will be used to buy and ship them our team of manufacturers. Packages will be assembled and shipped as soon as feasibly possible. A cancellation of your pre-order is not be possible until 8 months after your pre-order date, where you would then be contacted for a refund. Once your package is delivered, our usual warranty and refund policies outlined below come into effect.


The "in kindness donations" using the green button at the bottom of the page are not refundable.

Once you receive your package, our usual policies apply:


We take great care to ensure every piece is held to a rigorous standard of craftsmanship. The nature of handcrafted wood blocks is that small knots, burls, peculiarities, and unique grain patterns may occasionally be seen under scrutiny. Every block is one of a kind and we hope you fall in love with your unique piece of tree. Should you receive any broken or missing part- please take pictures and email us within 14 days of delivery to remedy the issue. Use the "Contact Us" page of or email us at We want you to be happy with your investment. Every wood base is warrantied for life, if your base becomes non functional as a Sun Token due to normal use, we will attempt to repair or replace it if supplied with documentation of the damage. Contact us for questions, concerns, and advice.



Please purchase with caution- we cannot offer a refund on a used pipe. Cancellations of normal (non crowd-fund) orders are possible if submitted before your shipping confirmation email. Look over your newly arrived package and determine if anything is broken or missing. If something is wrong, contact us within 14 days of delivery to remedy the issue. Use the "Contact Us" page of or email us at Upon opening, if you decide the product just isn't for you, or the craftsmanship isn't up to your standard- don't use the product! Package everything back up how it came and let us know within the 14 day window, we will guide you through the return. We will issue a full refund once the product and its parts are received in their original condition. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.


The Sun Token is for legal use only and for customers 18 and older. Packages require an adult signature upon delivery. Buyer shall determine the suitability of any product for its intended use and assume all risk in connection therewith. Buyer assumes the full risk and responsibility for the use of any information or documents obtained on or accessed through the site.



ST Products LLC and will not share your private information. All purchase information is sent over a secure SSL gateway provided by Network Merchants, LLC. No information is obtained from you other than the necessary information you type in. We do not store your credit card information. Credit card statements and shipping will read "ST Products". We will comply with any and all international law regarding your legal data rights and the protection of your data. This site uses cookies and may collect anonymous data to provide traffic insights, you may contact us for more information regarding cookies. ST Products LLC and this website will comply with all laws regarding your rights to delete any of your data that may still be in our databases. When you subscribe to our mailing list, you are giving consent to receive our marketing emails and promotions. You may take away consent at any time.

Your use of this site and purchases will be construed as an understanding and agreement of these terms.

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