Welcome to the Sun Token 4/20 Anti-Sale!

Sun Token is entering a "high-atus" so the artist can focus on future projects and his family. This has always been a one man business, these final Sun Tokens are from Hector Campos' personal collection. The prices will get higher incrementally to justify letting go of my final few works. If you are an investor or business and want to restart Sun Token along with more designs, don't hesitate to say hello!  Subscribe to us for special offers, product news, and future projects by Hector. Thank you fans all over the world who have collected this odd functional artwork.

14mm Bowls

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Borosilicate glass. Will always be the "martini" style with a ring underneath. May look slightly different as different batches are made. May come with a simple hole or built in "honey comb" glass screen.

-Clear borosilicate glass, 14mm size male joint.

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