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The Original Sun Token *Archived*

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These are out of stock, and will mystify generations to come as one of the coolest, strangest, and rarest pipes in the universe.

The Sun Token is a hand pipe capable of unique solar dome hits. Using the magnetic dome and a magnifying lens, hybrid hits of vaporization and combustion are possible. With the dome set aside, it functions flawlessly as a traditional pipe. This pipe is modular and fits standard 14mm size attachments, allowing water filtration and concentrate use. It is meticulously handcrafted in the USA, and thoughtfully designed for both new and experienced users. The body is made of cherry, a hardwood used in pipe making throughout history. It is sanded smooth to the touch, and protected from the elements with an organic 100% flaxseed oil finish, one of the most practical wood finishes available. The borosilicate glass parts are durable, yet easily replaceable in case of destruction. Everything easily disassembles for cleaning.

We are moving to ZERO plastic packaging! All of our packing tape and cushioning will be paper based. This package includes:

-The cherry wood base, protected by 100% pure flax seed oil.

-One borosilicate solar dome.

-One borosilicate mouth piece with precision cut and fire polished ends.

-One 14mm borosilicate bowl (Bowl color will be random).

-One credit card sized fresnel lens.

-Two mouth piece O-rings.

-The Sun Token Owner's Manual.

-A lifetime warranty on the magnetic system.

-Discreet shipping from ST Products.

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