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The Sun Token Master Set

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The Sun Token Master Set has everything you need to solar smoke, as well as water filter your flower and concentrates. It is ready to take any 14mm dry herb vape attachments like the OmniVong from DynaVap, the E-Nano from Epic Vape, and the Flip Brick from Sticky Brick Labs, just to name a few! The Sun Token is a U.S.A. crafted hand pipe capable of unique solar dome smoking. Using the glass dome and a magnifying lens- smoking is fun, flavorful, efficient, wind-proof, and ecological. With the dome set aside, it functions as a traditional pipe. This pipe is modular and fits standard 14mm size attachments, allowing water filters, dry herb vape parts, and concentrate accessories. The body is cherry hardwood, used in pipe making throughout history. It is protected with 100% pure tung oil, one of the safest and most practical wood finishes available. The borosilicate glass parts are durable, yet easily replaceable. Everything disassembles for cleaning. The wood base has a limited lifetime warranty. This is rugged, functional art. It commands a showcase, or the bottom of your backpack.

ATTENTION: This is our first prototype batch, availability is extremely limited. Being the first run, there are some things to know before you purchase. #1: The down stems use our mouthpiece o-rings to custom fit their length to your unique bubble. We are still working on the perfect length down stem and bubble combinations for future products. #2: The 90 degree bend quartz nails pictured turned out to be the perfect angle, but we mostly stocked 45 degree bend nails. They both function perfectly and you may get either one, these are all easily found at your local shops.

We are moving to ZERO plastic packaging! All of our packing tape and cushioning will be paper based. This package includes:

-The Water Bender water filter kit.

-One high quality magnifying glass, (May vary and come with black or silver handle).

-One natural cotton drawstring carry bag.

-One quartz nail.

-One 14mm borosilicate bowl.

-The cherry wood base, protected by 100% pure tung oil, laser engraved on the bottom.

-One borosilicate solar dome.

-One borosilicate mouth piece with precision cut and fire polished ends.

-One silicone rubber dome ring.

-Two mouth piece O-rings.

-The Sun Token Owner's Manual.

-A limited lifetime warranty for the wood base.

-Discreet shipping from ST Products.

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