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Water Filter Kit

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This is the first batch, so units are extremely limited!

The Water Bender Kit! If a Dr. Seuss character smoked, this would be their pipe.

This turns your existing Sun Token into a water pipe or concentrate rig. It sits on top of the Sun Token and can take any 14mm attachment, allowing dry herb vaporization with the many available products, for example: The OmniVong from DynaVap, the E-Nano from Epic Vape, and the Flip Brick from Sticky Brick Labs, just to name a few!

-The base price only includes the sphere and down stem. Please choose your add-ons, we suggest adding all three: a flower bowl, quartz nail, and S-Curve straw all together for maximum flexibility and value.

-Sun Token sold separately, everything together is listed "The Sun Token Master Set".

-Borosilicate glass

-Discreet shipping from ST Products

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