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Introducing the Sun Token Blog!

My name is Hector, I am the founder of Sun Token Products LLC.

As of today I am 27 years old and my first child, Rio turns 1 year old in 10 days! I am on a life long quest for universal truth, health, spirit, hilarity, and all around audacious fun.

The Sun Token is a passion that could carve out a productive living for me and my family one day, while sharing my design with the world. It is just one idea of many that has escaped the research and design oven. Several months ago I quite my day job working in a healthcare office, and now part time substitute teach high school and middle school to be able to work on this brand new business adventure. I designed a toy that I thought was the ultimate smoking tool, and now I want to see it light up faces internationally! I have my hands full because my baby boy and my baby business were both born around the same time! Hopefully as the years go by, the Sun Token becomes recognized as one of the most unique, versatile, durable, and highest quality smoking devices available.

With this blog I hope to show case cool things about the Sun Token, showcase fan submissions, custom design work, and give a peek into the processes of creating them. Who knows what else..

Thank you for visiting,


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