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Sun Token Product Launch, Fundraiser, & Mega Sale! (Press Release)

We launched an independent crowd fundraiser, pre-order, and mega sale event at Go there now to see more! 10 limited edition, custom Sun Tokens will be available on July 31st, at 4:20pm!

The Mission: We finished prototyping The Sun Token Version 2! Smaller, lighter, and more affordable than the Original Sun Token- these U.S.A. crafted pipes are made of cherry hardwood and borosilicate glass. With a magnifying lens and the "solar dome", it traps solar hits which are fun, flavorful, wind-proof, and ecological. Without the dome, it works just like a traditional pipe. Modular design allows 14mm parts like water filters and concentrate accessories. Our new design will help us grow as a sustainable brand, but we need help from people who believe in us. This event will fund the first big batch of V2 packages. We are also transitioning to ZERO plastic packaging- down to the packing tape, box cushioning, and in-store displays!

The Rewards: The Original Sun Token is retiring as a rare collector's item. They have shipped to fans all over the world but no more than 500 of these exist, most of them already owned. They are discontinued and will remain a mysterious object to mystify generations to come. This is a chance to own one of the remaining classics, or pre-order one of the very first V2 units. Both are at a special fundraiser price, with free shipping in the USA (We ship world wide too). We are also unveiling 10 unique, collaborative Sun Tokens with custom glass by Locked Glass (Robbie Reeves) and pyrography by Jaburni (Colten Rocha).

Go to the webpage to read more and see all the new products!

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